The 2020 Concept

Linnéa is rebuilt – with foils!

The bold creation was awarded 1st prize in the 1001VelaCup 2020.

Due to COVID-19, the competition was arranged as a design contest instead of the usual races ashore.

The Challenge

Engineer the fastest sailboat possible that follows these rules


• maximum boat size: 460 x 210 cm 
• maximum sail area: 33m2


The boat mass needs to fulfill one of two criteria:
• 70% or more is of vegetable or animal origin
• 75% or more is recyclable materials

Monohulls Only

• Catamarans or trimarans are not allowed

1001VelaCup Rules 2019-2022

Our Story

Chalmers Formula Sailing Team started as a marine design project in 2017. Eight Naval Architecture students at Chalmers University of Technology set a goal. The goal was to win the 2018 edition of 1001VelaCup, an italian sailing competition for engineering students. Every university competes with their own boat design, that is limited by only a few rules.

Using CAD, FEM, CFD and VPP we designed Linnéa, a skiff similar to a 49:er

We built Linnéa from scratch out of balsa wood, flax and cashew nut epoxy

We finished the manufacture just on time and headed to Italy and 1001VelaCup

Then our design was put to the test…

… and we made it!

3 days of sailing and the series 1,3,2,1,1 made us champions of the 1001VelaCup 2018

For the 2019 1001VelaCup edition we improved Linnéa

After 3 days of tight racing we finished in 3rd place

In 2020, we won again! Due to COVID-19, the competition had been turned into a design contest

Now we aim for 2021…