All boats need a name, we named ours Linnéa based on the Swedish word “lin”, which means flax. Linnéa is a skiff dinghy inspired by the 49:er, but has a twist to it. Why? Read on and figure it out!

Linnéa in numbers

Linnéa is designed according to a “box rule”, with very few restrictions on dimensions: max length 4.60 m, max beam 2.10 m, max sail area: 33 m2. It must be a monohull. 70 % of the hull weight must come from wood or other material “of vegetable or animal origin”. For the appendages (centerboard and rudder), as well as the bow-sprit carbon fibres are allowed. The mast/boom must be in aluminium and the sails in Dacron (i.e. no exotic materials). External suppliers are permitted for mast/boom and sails. Wing sails are allowed, and so are hydrofoils.

Organic boatbuilding in a nutshell

How we built her

The best documentation of the design and building process is in our instagram feed. Scroll to the bottom and start from the beginning.